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Joe Bardens in a TeleY ep, you guessed it, Joe Bardens are Mandy's favorite Telecaster pickups of all time and she'll tell ya why. Her husband bought a brand new American '52 RI in copper and as soon as he played it, they both thought it sounded amazing with the stock pickups. They're huge Danny Gatton fans and had considered Bardens, but honestly the price was a little intimidating. They both thought that '52 RI sounded incredible and were very hesitant about trying to out do it with another pickup, but that amazing tone of Danny Gatton made them decide to take the plunge. After getting the Bardens and using them live, they'll never be as happy with another pickup again.

[ Mandy Thompson]: Joe Barden pickups are basically a vintage sounding Telecaster pickup in HiFi. They're dead quiet and both pickups have EQUAL output - no more switching to a loud bridge pickup and then back into a quiet middle position, all positions have equal volume. They're incredibly responsive pickups and sound amazing no matter what style you choose to play. A ton of famous players use these pickups and if you give them a chance you'll see why. Check out and see if they're something that might appeal to you.

[Brad Hendrickson ]: For the absolute purist, Lindy Fralin's pickups lavish the ears with some of the tastiest tones out there. OEM in the most discriminating guitars and rewinds worthy of Eric Johnson's standards, Fralin's work truly captures that tone. Hand-built and custom tailored to your specific needs, these are the Rolls-Royce of the pre-CBS single-coil.

[Brad Hendrickson ]: Chris Kinman's pickups are dripping with Tele tone yet come in a noiseless package. We know how bold that claim is, but set down your pitchforks and torches and start doing some homework; this guy is for real. "World-class tone" and "noiseless" have never belonged in the same sentence until now. A man tired of the sterile wannabes finally did something about it and his results are paralleled in quality only by his prompt customer service and invaluable website.

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