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Glyn Cornelius

South Wales, UK

Glyn Cornelius' Metalcaster!This was a project to cover a Telecaster type guitar with aluminium deck plating, of the type used for heavy duty walkways and the like. Both the body and the headstock were covered. The plate was 5mm thick and only cost 5.

The first job was to remove 5mm from the top of the guitar with a router to accommodate this thickness. The plate was cut with a jigsaw and filed to shape, and the neck pickup was mounted in the plate before it was attached to the body with building adhesive. The original poly finish was sprayed over with silver automotive type paint and lacquered.

After cutting out a piece for the headstock, it was gently hammered to follow the curve up to the fingerboard. The guitar was then reassembled with the original parts and a Van Zandt pickup at the bridge.

The guitar has a very consistent sustained tone with good note definition, it is also very very heavy, although it was heavy before and the weight of the plating is very small.

You can read more about me and my custom guitars at my website ...enjoy!


Glyn Cornelius' Metalcaster! 


Glyn Cornelius' Metalcaster! 

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