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Name, Location, and Modified Tele Info


Mark Addeo

Robbinsville, New Jersey, USA

  • The Amazing 3 FilterTron-equipped StereOcaster
  • The EliTele
  • (and the StratOvarious)


Eric Bergman

Northern Suburbs of New York City, USA

  • Four pages (!) of assorted Tele mods spanning almost 40 years...

Winand Bijlmakers

Nederweert, Holland

  • Restored 1969 Tele Thinline with Seymour Duncan vintage pickups

Scott Bittner

Rocky Point, New York, USA

  • WD body, Warmoth neck Tele mod

Walter Broes

Antwerp, Belgium

  • Late eighties Japanese Fender "50's Reissue" Tele mod


Rob Carty

Houston, Texas

  • Sunburst hollowbody with a Mustang neck
  • Surf Green Tele-Gib/Strat Hybrid
  • Tele with my first homemade neck
  • Tele Custom clone with my second homemade neck

Ray Chung

New York City, USA

  • Tele mod with mini-humbucker in neck

Glyn Cornelius

South Wales, UK

  • The Metalcaster!...Tele with aluminum deck plating, Van Zandt, etc.

Jeff Curtis

Stamford, Connecticut, USA

  • Custom Gretsch orange Tele with Bigsby, L'il 59/TV Jones pickups.




Robert Eaton

Northeast Pennsylvania, USA

  • Two custom double-cut Teles and an Esquire.
  • Custom Bigsby Tele

Bill Eisner

Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

  • 1988 Standard Tele mod with Fatback neck, Vintique hardware, Barden and Rio Grande "Halfbreed" pups, custom switching, etc.


Kirk Foster

Lafayette, Indiana, USA

  • Late '80s walnut custom body/Warmouth neck Tele

Michael Franklin

Austin, Texas, USA

  • Butterscotch Blonde Tele, built-In compressor, hidden middle pickup, one-of-a-Kind switching system; parts from Fender, Obbligato, BYOC, Joe Barden, and Gotoh.
  • Forrest Lee Custom Guitars Body/Neck Custom Baritone Tele

Gavin Fraser

Oxfordshire, UK

  • The 'Shakey-Caster'-Fender Telecaster Deluxe '72 RI mod


Ed Gordon

Campbell, California, USA

  • Yellow quilted maple over mahogany/maple with ebony neck Tele
  • Blue quilted maple thinline (no F-hole) over ash Tele
  • Orange quilted maple thinline (w/F-hole) over ash Tele
  • Solid slab o' walnut Tele
  • Ash BeatCaster (the ugly one)
  • Ash Tele with Bigsby

Tom Guerra

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

  • 1971 stock maple board Telecaster
  • Modded '73 Tele
  • Stock rosewood board '74 Tele
  • Recent blue floral Japanese Tele.


Don Hains

Sanford, Maine, USA

  • Tele mod with gold sparkle pups and Bigsby

Martin Harispe

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Custom Tele w/gotto Body, Fender Strat neck, external B-Bender

Dave Harmon


  • Four different and unique Tele mods

Kent Holmes

Los Angeles, California

  • Sunburst Nashville Power Tele
  • Black Schecter PT
  • Natural Nashville Power Tele

Adam Hudson

Nottingham, England

  • WD maple/ebony neck with a one off flamed and bound body, American Standard bridge, EMG actives and locking tuners

Rev. Tony Hughes

Portland, Oregon, USA

  • 1972 one-piece swamp ash Tele with 1968 Jazzmastrer neck, etc.
  • One-piece swamp ash Tele with Fatboy neck and Lindy Fralin pups
  • Solid spruce with white binding, 1966 Jazzmaster neck and a HB pup
  • Daphne Blue Tele with 1950 V-shaped neck and pinstriping
  • Double-bound, one-piece Mahogany Tele, with two Fralin P-90s


Zak Izbinsky

Montreal Quebec, Canada

  • 1996 Japanese "50's" Tele with Jason Lollar pickups


Jeff Jones

Tallahassee, Florida, USA

  • Three Teles: a sunburst w/Bigsby, a '52RI and a Custom.




Miles Lang

Chrisman, CA, USA

  • A "Poor Man's Gatton Thinline" from parts!

Jeff Levenson

Southfield, Michigan, USA

  • 1967 Tele with Seymour Duncan Antiquities II pickups

Fred Lewis

Woodstock, Ontario Canada

  • California Fat Tele mod, and a bunch of other great ones!!!


Peter Mackinven

Hertfordshire, England

  • Sonic blue 'Esquire' with Seymour Duncan Broadcaster bridge pick-up

Joe Margiotta

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

  • Modified 72' Telecaster Custom Reissue; PRS/Lindy Fralin pups

Deke Martin

SE England

  • 1976 Dave Taylor Tele mod

Taff Martin

Dorset, UK

  • Custom oiled beech/ash body, custom-built neck, '50s voodoo set

André Mattos

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  • Custom-modded TelesPaul and Simp-O-Caster

Earles L. McCaul

Tucson, Arizona, USA

  • 1968 Tele with Jazzmaster tremelo and neck F/SL humbucker pickup
  • 1986 Warmoth Tele with SD HB, BadAss bridge, etc.

Guy Melanson

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

  • 1967 Tele with Bigsby
  • Frankinstein one-pickup Tele with Bigsby

Paul Merryman

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

  • Left-handed Tele with Jimi-style Strat neck, GFS pups and TBX tone.

Brian Mikami

Beautiful Hawaii, USA

  • SD inspired Jeff Beck Tele mod
  • "Goldie", with Seymour Duncan Lil59 and CC Rider pups




Bob Ohsiek

Monterey, California, USA

  • Guitar Ed Gordon Tele body, cowboy motif laminate, 2 HBs


Charles Pacheco

Turlock, California, USA

  • '51-style Tele bass
  • '72-style Tele Custom
  • Tele prototype project

David Pepper

Winston-Salem, NC, USA

  • FrankenTele-I. w/Fender Fat Tele HB/Duncan Quarter Pounder pups
  • Blue Tele w/Duncan Jazz and JB pickups

Cormac Phelan

Dublin, Ireland

  • Customized Deluxe Series Nashville Tele with Bigsby and killswitch

J.W. (Trey) Pittman

San Antonio, Texas, USA

  • Goldtop Tele mod with RioGrande P-90's




Jamie Reid

Thurso, Scotland

  • 1999 MIM Standard Fender Telecaster
  • 2006 Tele-Paul Guitar

Mike Rejsa

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

  • '57 with humbucker Tele mod
  • Phillipine mahogony, Duncan PAFs, Warmouth neck Tele mod
  • Basswood w/maple top, Strat trem Tele mod

Beto Richieri

Brazil, South America

  • 2000 Fender American Standard Telecaster, 3-tone sunburst, maple neck with Seymour Duncan Hit Lead Stack and Little59 pickups.

Janne Romppainen


  • Homebrew 'Keef Tribute' Tele mod
  • '74 Tele Custom restoration project


Paul Setzer

North Carolina, USA

  • Oh, just a whole bunch of different Tele mods!

Butch Snyder

Lebanon, Ohio, USA

  • 2001 50's Classic Tele, Barden bridge, SD/Strat/Gibson pups


Eugene, Oregon, USA

  • Purpleheart Custom Tele


Colt Thompson

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  • 1996 MIJ Deluxe Custom Anniversary Foto Flame Telecaster

Danny Thompson

Cuba, Missouri, USA

  • Gatton Model Tele mod
  • US '52 RI Tele mod

Everett Thompson

Cumming, Georgia, USA

  • Blonde Tele, Warmoth body with Bogsby and DiMarzio pups
  • Dark red Squier body, Warmoth neck, Novak pups, gold hardware
  • Custom laminated poplar body with maple neck

Mandy Thompson

Cuba, Missouri, USA

  • RI Paisley body with a 1972 Fender neck mod
  • 1968 SparkleJet Tele mod
  • 1972 Blond Tele mod
  • 1976 Red Tele mod












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