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  • Guitar ReRanch
    This is a fantastic site to not only learn about refinishing your Telecaster, but to buy the stuff you need to do it! They give detailed steps on how to complete the process and tell you exactly what tools and materials you will need to do it correctly.
  • Warmoth Guitar Products
  • AllParts
  • WD Music
    Well, you'll see the three names above mentioned quite a bit on our site, and for good reason; they're all great places to start on your quest for Tele modding perfection!
  • Stewart-MacDonald
    What does this site NOT have? Offers a wide selection of tuners all the way down to pickguard screws...ever wanted to make your own Telecaster out of a block of swamp ash? Here ya go!

    Shaun Conrad's wonderful website is dedicated to providing the best instructional articles about guitar repair, maintenance, and guitar building on the web, so you can repair your own guitars.
  • Glendale Guitars
    Here's what Dale Clark of Glendale Guitars has to say: "I am dedicated to making only the finest products available. Glendale Guitars is a company for the advancement of the Tele. If you are like me and love the feel of the 50's and the sound and 60's Telecaster, you'll understand why I started this company. When you hear one of my guitars I want you to say without looking, "now that's a Tele". With that in mind, I have made some improvements that I believe make a better sounding and playing instrument."
  • USA Custom Guitars
    Tommy Rosamond and his crew at USA Custom Guitars are all former Warmoth employees that left to make top-shelf stuff. A customer can have incredibly detailed input on the exact specs of a neck created at no additional charge. Their attention to detail in wood selection and fretwork is unparalleled. Check these guys won't be sorry!
  • Marty Bell Guitar Finishing
    Quality factory finishing for guitars, basses, drums and specialty products. In the finishing business since 1994, they have done finishing for some of the country's finest guitar companies and warranty centers, offering factory finishing at affordable prices with a rapid turnaround time.
  • Gregg Rogers Guitars
    A good assortment of Fender licensed parts, necks and bodies. They also offer finishing and relicing.
  • Strictly Strings
    Luthier and repairman Gregg Hall. There is NOTHING this man can't do and doesn't know. He does absolutely AMAZING work, is a licensed Fender (and more) repairman and loves Telecasters.
  • The Gretsch Pages
    Thanks to Tim Baxter, this is an amazing site to learn about Gretsch guitars vintage and new. The entire site is a wealth of information and the discussion is fantastic - very knowledgable and friendly posters make us proud to call this place our online home.
  • TV Jones Pickups
    If by some odd chance you haven't heard of TV Jones, well, that'll soon change! TV has captured the classic sound of the vintage Gretsch FilterTron pickup, available in various flavors, as well as a number of standard pickups, Teles included. His products are incredible, and he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever encounter!
  • Don Laidler (DKL & Son)
    Speaking of nice guys, our very own Don Laidler (dklsplace) has recently become an Allparts dealer and is offering any help he can be to TeleModders looking for replacement parts and accessories. They have an online catalogue at with most of their items listed, but not everything.  "This is just a basement hobby for me," says Don, "so I'm not out to make huge profits...I'm just doing it 'cause I have fun with it!" Click the link above to e-mail won't be sorry!
  • Rothstein Custom Guitars
    Looking for the perfect upgrade for you Mexican or Japanese Telecaster? Interested in saving time on your Warmoth or USACG project guitar? Andy Rothstein of Rothstein Custom Guitars offers a variety of beautifully pre-wired Tele harnesses and specialty pot/switch controls, as well as custom-built guitars and refinishing. Well worth a visit!
  • Lollar Custom Guitars and Pickups
    Jason Lollar has been a professional luthier since 1975. However, his interests and expertise go well beyond building guitars. In addition to designing and producing extraordinary archtop, solid-body electric and lap steel guitars, Jason is a noted authority on nearly everything related to electric pickups. When he's not winding pickups, building guitars or writing books, Jason can be seen playing guitar and Hammond B3 with a variety of local musicians on his island home outside of Seattle, Washington.
  • Kinman Pickups
    This is the home of Kinman Alnico Noiseless Fender-style pickups. If you're interested in great authentic Fender guitar sound but you are sick of hum and noise from computer monitors and noisy mains wiring then you'll enjoy this site.
  • Fralin Pickups
    Fralin Pickups is a small company, based in Richmond, Virginia, staffed by skilled craftsmen, all musicians or music enthusiasts. They take pride in making the finest electric guitar pickups available. Using the highest quality materials, theirr pickups are assembled and wound by hand one at a time, guaranteeing the highest quality control. This quality control gives you the loudest, flattest frequency response possible with the fewest turns of wire.
  • Welcome to the Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue
    Another valuable source of information - the general posting site covers all aspects of topics but if you want to get down to the nitty gritty visit the "TeleTech" page and you're bound to learn something about Telecasters you didn't know before you made the visit.
  • Telecaster Planet
    Not so much an ode to modified Telecasters but the resources found here make it well worth the visit...and it's the perfect website for some drool worthy photos of some of Leo's earliest creations! Thanks Nacho!
  • The Fender Forum
    An unofficial Fender forum for guitar and amp enthusiasts...yet another great source for useful Telecaster (and all Fender-related) info!
  • The Complete Telecaster
    Another wonderful Telecaster lover's site, set up and run by the extremely talented Katsumi Yajima. There's a lot there, including a number of Tele mods, but be sure to check out his Kisikae Virtual Guitar Modeling System for trying out new Tele (or Strat or Les Paul)'ll become addicted immediately!
  • Project Telecaster
    Maurits Sengers' fabulous website dedicated to Teles with Bigsby Vibrato Tailpieces attached. The gallery section alone is worth repeated visits!
  • Girlbrand Guitars
    Taking "Tele" modification to new heights, Chris Larsen's guitar creations defy description. You just HAVE to check this site'll never be the same again!
  • Telecaster and Stratocaster Body Relicing
    Relic maven Mark Jenny's philosophy is simple: "To me, there is just nothing more beautiful than a 50's Tele or Strat with the original worn finish! My site is simply a place to show my work, give advice and share ideas. I'm also offering my services for relicing/aging finishes."
    Matthias Bauw's great site will deliver all the guitar chords and tabs you'll ever need by use of it's powerful database.
  • TelecasterGallery
    Tons of Tele photos posted by owners...upload your Telecaster or browse the gallery!
  • Jeannie Pickguards
    If you want a custom-made pickguard for your Tele (or any other guitar, for that matter), it doesn't get any better than Roger at Jeannie Pickguards. He specializes in out-of-production vintage guards and can make a replacement from your original. He has a huge number of early pickguard templates. HIGHLY recommended!

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