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Joe Margiotta

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Joe Margiotta's modified 72' Telecaster Custom ReissueMy name is Joe Margiotta, originally from NJ and now in Raleigh, NC. Honestly I've never really been a huge fan of the Tele until I saw the '72 Custom. Something about that guitar just made me want to own one! So I went to check it out and I absolutely loved it!  It looked and played amazing. Of course, I had to add the mirrored pickguard, just to give it an original look! Recently I had the idea of doing some major modifications. I always thought the pickups could use some upgrading, so I had them replaced with a PRS Santana and a Lindy Fralin Blues Special in the bridge. I also had a B-5 Bigsby Vibrato kit installed (I always wanted one of those!), complete with the Fender logo and the 6 saddle bridge. I couldn't get over how much better this thing sounded!  It felt like a brand new guitar!  And of course I love the look of the Chrome Bigsby and the mirrored pickguard.  Being that I wasn't the luthier I'd always wanted to be, and I wanted the job done RIGHT, I enlisted the help of local guitar and amp enthusiast Buddy Consorti. Buddy did a terrific job with the guitar...including fashioning a mirrored bezel around the much smaller PRS pickup.

I'm very excited to get some new recordings of my "new" axe with my newest band, Radio Island. (shameless plug, I know) The PRS neck pickup has that smooth, dark Carlos Santana tone and the Fralin can get everything from those single coil "country" tones to something Jimmy Page would be proud of!  And with the Bigsby I can finally get the subtle vibrato of one of my many guitar hero's, Bill Frisell. I couldn't be happier with this guitar...believe me it sounds as good as it looks!

Joe Margiotta's modified 72' Telecaster Custom Reissue 

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