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Mandy Thompson

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

TeleBites...HEAR a Tele in action!Alrighty - let me preface all these by sayin' I never know what to play to show off I just noodled out some stuff in each position and tried to highlight my favorite things about them. I'm using my RI Vibroverb amp, a chord, and the '51 (which now has Bardens). I'm playing completely clean A Tele with Bardens(or honest as Danny would say, haha!) with no reverb or anything because the sound recorder on my computer seems to add a whole bunch of reverb while recording. It's being picked up by a REALLY cheap, crappy computer microphone so it's by no means a "true" recording.

This first one is the neck position with the tone control rolled completely off - it gives you that thick, fat Gatton jazz tone...I just wish I could play jazz enough to make it worthy of the pickup!
Neck position Barden, tone rolled off:
MP3 (97K)         WAV WAV (303K)

This is the bridge position but I'm not rrreally diggin' in, just playing normally with pick and fingers.

This is my favorite thing about Barden's...they pick up chicken-pickin' like no other pickup I've ever heard!
Bridge position Barden:
MP3 (95K)         WAV WAV (296K)

This is the neck position, then the middle, and then the bridge. I'm plucking these so I'm diggin' in.
Neck, middle and bridge position Bardens:
MP3 (107K)         WAV WAV (335K)

This is the middle position and then the neck position...notice specifically how the middle and neck both are the exact same volume/output. It's unbelievable how easily you get used to that - when I'm using someone else's Tele. it just knocks me out how much of a volume drop you get when switching out of the neck position.
Middle position Barden...Mr. Sandman:
MP3 (69K)         WAV WAV (213K)

Neck position Barden...Mr. Sandman:
MP3 (66K)         WAV WAV (205K)

Our tuner, echo pedal, chords and Victoria are all at the club that Danny does his house gig at, so I'm very out of tune to other in tune guitars, I'm sure! hahaha...*blush*

I wish I was a more versatile player to show how versatile these pickups are, but they really cover all the bases...
"Out of tune" twang, Barden:
MP3 (95K)         WAV WAV (296K)

The Barden neck pickup is just can be spanky, it can be full, it can do whatever you want it to do. Some say that the neck Barden is the best neck pickup in history - and these are folks that don't necessarily like the bridge Barden!
Neck, "Spanky", Barden:
MP3 (64K)         WAV WAV (197K)

Neck, "Thick", Barden:
MP3 (120K)         WAV WAV (377K)

Alllllllright...right here is what most people who don't like Bardens don't like about them.

It's like standing in front of a mirror naked...

Every single little mistake or flub you make is picked up and heard. You just can't "hide" with these pickups.

On this soundfile, I'm using pick and fingers - and, at first, I'm just playing normal, but then I dig in. Listen to the volume increase and the response that I get - I know it's not the greatest recording at all, but you can still hear the difference. If you use this to your advantage, it's REALLY cool, but you can't hide and if you make a mistake everyone's gonna know!
Responsiveness, Barden:
MP3 (57K)         WAV WAV (178K)

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