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Walter Broes

Antwerp, Belgium

Walter Broes's 50's reissue Tele Walter's profile will follow shortly...

My Tele...

It's a late eighties Japanese Fender "50's Reissue" that my friend Fabian bought second hand in Los Angeles, and I got from him for about $250

The Mods...

  • Fender US vintage RI bridge plate, knobs, and gold anodized pickguard
  • CTS solid shaft 250K pots
  • Stew-Mac brass compensated bridge saddles and electrosocket jack cup
  • Seymour Duncan broadcaster lead, and "vintage" neck pickups
  • Vintage paper and oil cap out of an old amp chassis (value?? but it sounds good, haha)
  • Finish removed from back of neck, and rubbed to "satin" on fingerboard
  • "WB" decal by Paul Setzer

Walter Broes's 50's reissue Tele People ask me sometimes if I "relic'd" the body, but all the finish wear is "natural", in other words, it's got a really crappy Japanese Poly finish that chips off, and shows stress cracks all over!

The signature on the back is by Jason Ringenberg (of "Jason and the Scorchers" fame"), I met him at a roots fest. we both played near Oslo, Norway last summer, and told him that seeing him perform in 1984 (I was fourteen at the time) with Jason and the Scorchers in Brussels was one of the deciding factors making me get into playing music, and he came out to see my band ("the Seatsniffers")that night, and agreed to sign my tele after the show. (it says "Walter, the debt is repaid - I loved y'all, all the best, Jason Ringenberg")

Walter Broes's 50's reissue Tele mod 

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