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Danny Thompson

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Danny ThompsonHi, my name is Danny Thompson
and I live in Indianapolis. I've had the privilege of making my living with a guitar for the past 22 years. My first Telecaster was a '73 Tele Deluxe and I've been hooked ever since!

TeleBites...HEAR a Tele in action! 

Here are five MP3s of Danny and his band "Bigger Than Elvis"...

1) 13 Women

2) Lawdy Miss Clawdy

3) Big Hunk Of Love

4)I'll Cry Instead

5)In Dreams

I'm in a rockabilly band in Indianapolis called "Bigger Than ELVIS", (our website is and my wife and I also perform together in an acoustic duo. My favorite guitar players are Danny Gatton, Scotty Moore, and Angus Young.

The main modifications I make to my Telecasters are pickup and parts swaps. I have Joe Barden pickups in most of my Telecasters. I always use compensated brass saddles and immediately put them on any new addition to the family. I feel they are a must for any Tele picker serious about intonation and absolutely love them.

Danny's Gatton Model Tele
This Gatton model Telecaster is the money maker, I can honestly say I've never been happier with any other Fender product. It has Joe Barden pickups, 1MEG pots and Vintique style hardware. The only thing I changed on it is I took out the cubic zirconium fret markers and modded it by adding a custom pinstripe job.


Danny's '52 ReissueTele
This is a US '52RI that I played every single Friday night as well as many gigs in between for three years straight. It was basically my Gatton model until I could afford a real one - I added Joe Barden pickups as well as compensated saddles and a custom pinstripe job. I also prefer a strat style switch tip.


Danny Thompson and Bigger Than ELVIS 

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