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Jeff Jones

Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Jeff Jones' sunburst TeleHi, I'm Jeff Jones from Tallahassee, Florida. Here are some pics of my Telecasters. The sunburst is a Warmouth neck w/Grovers on a WD ash body, both standard off-the-shelf parts. It has A Frailin scatter-wound in the bridge and a split single at the neck. The hardware all came from Allparts, except the knobs, which are Vintique. It's heavy, but the Lindy's make it a real joy to play. I wasn't planning to do a Bigsby, but the kits were on sale, so I'm glad I did it now.

The '52 reissue is a 1984 MIJ...the fit and finish is amazing! It came to me with a white pickguard, but I changed it to a basic black and a buddy had Lollars from his Nash after he switched to Jeff Jones' '52RI TeleBardens and I got the Lollars for free. The Japanese are so exact when they copy stuff that this guitar has the over rout mark and the body protrudes slightly from under the neck in the cutaway. Also, the finish is thick on the inner edges in the cutaway where it is hard to buff. The American 52 RI's are missing that. Other than the p/u's and the guard, this is a stock unit.

The light natural one is a WD rosewood neck with a maple fret board w/Kluson deluxe tuners on an old body that no one seems to be able to identify. I have seen other similar bodies, but the control placement is different. It is equipped with Bill Lawrence p/u's and some kind of generic bridge. This guitar has incredible sJeff Jones' Custom Teleustain and even though it has a HB at the bridge it still has plenty of twang. I don't know the history of this one...I got it from a local shop, but from what I've heard, the previous owner had it for many years. The p/u's look like what i remember from the eighties. I plan on installing a Timara B/G bender on this one.

The old amp is a Wards Airline (see below) that I have had modded locally here in Tallahassee, The shop is called "Class A Electronics" and the guy is a wizard.

Thanks for making a site for Tele enthusiasts...this is going to cause my guitar aquirement syndrome to flare up so I'll send pics of my next project when it's finished. Jeff Jones' Custom Tele

May, 2009
Here is the new unit, finished it last month. It's a WD body with a Warmouth "V" neck that is beeswaxed and polished (no varnish), WD hardware and a Chandler pickguard. Pickups are, of course, Lindy Frailin 2% overwound stock type, CTS pots and a Sprague cap, and Kluson Deluxe tuners.

Jeff Jones' Custom Tele headstock

Jeff Jones' Wards Airline amp 


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