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Dave Harmon


Dave Harmon I'm Dave, I'm 24 and I live in England. I've been modifiying guitars for about 8 years. In that time I've built and modded 4 Telecasters.

The first was a Japanese Tele with a maple neck which I modded by fitting a strat hardtail bridge, twin humbuckers, one of which I custom made a mounting ring for from aluminium, I also cut a strat forearm contour and resprayed it in pearlecent midnight blue. This guitar was later modified with an aluminium scratchpate and a single coil in the neck.

The second was a partscaster made from an old body that I had lying around and the neck from my brothers Strat because it was the only thing he liked about it. It was fitted with a strat hardtail bridge, an EMG 81 humbucker in the bridge and an EMG SA81in the neck, I also added a socket in the body so that a power pack could be used to pwer the pickups instead of taking the scratchplate off to change batteries. This guitar was sprayed blue, and as you can see, has see plenty of action and is fairly beaten up, but it's solid as a rock and refuses to break.

The third guitar was built as a backup guitar for my brother in case he broke a string mid-set. It was built from a sunburst Tele copy we found in a second hand shop for #90. I got it home and stripped the body of all fittings, routed the body for humbuckers, cut down the original bridge to make it a 6 saddle hardtail, fitted and wired in the 2 EMG 81 humbuckers, rebuilt it and set it up all in the space of a day because he needed it the next day. Not bad for a rushed job.

Dave Harmonís Tele #1
Dave Harmon's Tele #1


Dave Harmonís Tele #2
Dave Harmon's Tele #2


Dave Harmonís Tele #3
Dave Harmon's Tele #3


The final one is the old mongrel that I built for myself (see top of page). It's based on a Japanese Tele that I paid #50 for in a second hand shop, it has Strat fore arm contouring, rounded edges to the body, a 3 saddle bridge with the raised edges flattened out, a 52RI bridge pickup and 2 Strat pickups in an aliminium scratchplate covered in black vinyl. It has been sprayed with a very thin coat of varnish since I discovered that the less finish on a guitar, the more it resonates. As well as affecting the tone, the varnish gives the Tele a lovely vintage(ish) natural finish.This is my favourite guitar and gets gigged regularly.

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