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Warmoth collageAgreat place to buy replacement necks to fit your Telecaster body is Warmoth (Warmoth Guitar Necks) they offer almost any type of wood you can imagine and you can specify what fretwire you would like on it - Warmoth makes building your dream guitar EASY! You can pick the neck profile - they offer a vintage 50's Fender feel that they call the "Boatneck" which is very similiar to what an original 50's Telecaster neck feels like. They also offer custom back shapes so you can pick exactly what feels good to you. The reason we're so crazy about Warmoth necks is simple...they're GOOD quality necks with great craftsmanship (they're fret jobs are fantastic) and they are guarenteed to fit your Fender Telecaster body.

ALLPARTS logoAlthough Allparts make good quality products, they DO NOT always fit a Fender Telecaster body. From our experience, we've found the Allparts necks to be too large to fit in a standard Fender Telecaster neck pocket. Warmoth has a great customer service department and they're always willing to help you, in fact they encourage you to call with any questions so they can help you in any way they can. We're not associated in any way with Warmoth - this is all just personal experience and opinion from Tele lovers!

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